Creative Light (part 2)

I just re-read my original article about creative light ( here). Given that there are over 25,000,000 stock images here at Dreamstime as I write this, using creative light has never been more important.

Creative light in your photos helps your images stand out in a crowd of similar photos. More importantly, taking photos using creative light is waaaay more fun than just shooting everything on a isolated white background!

Not sure how to do it? Experiment! If you always shoot a sunset of the clouds, turn around and look behind you and see what the light is doing. Go out early in the morning or late in the evening when sunlight is golden. Learn to use a flash both on and off your camera. Use a flashlight. Look at reflections in water, in windows and on metal.

Rather than looking for specific subjects to shoot, just look for interesting light instead. Then start taking photos of the light and see how creative you can be. I've been doing this myself and am having a great time. Also, my stock sales have done very well with the new images I've captured and uploaded.

Please share your own images and experiences in chasing and capturing creative light. Good luck out there!

Photo credits: Lane Erickson.

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September 05, 2014


Amazing images, congrats!

September 05, 2014


Very creative and very beautiful images! Many congratulations!

September 04, 2014


good ideas! You are indeed very creative! Your images are very beautiful! I will pay more attention to lighting too.

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