Creative Roadblocks

Creativity. For some it’s a natural extension of their persona, when all it takes for art to happen is the simplest flick of a paintbrush, pencil, shutter or mouse. For others it can be something of an enigma, something they at times hold in their hands only to watch it slip through their fingers like grains of sand. The road is never perfectly smooth for the artist's journey, and yet often we create our own roadblocks and sabotage our route without even realising it.

Creative ideas are the lifeblood of the creative artist, the starting point for all new projects. No ideas = no creativity. What happens most of the time though is not that we have a lack of ideas. Your creative mind is whirring away constantly, you can't switch it off. When you don't capture your ideas; either in a notebook, with a camera, with a voice recorder or some other tool, it feels like you never have any ideas. Start carrying one of these idea capturing devices with you everywhere you go and get those ideas down as soon as they appear. The more you capture, the more will appear.

Photo credits: Eti Swinford.

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November 24, 2009


Hi Richard :)
This is a very innovative design,good luck!

November 04, 2009


cheers for your comment to my latest blog.

now to your article.
looking at your sales, i cannot believe you suffer from such roadblocks.
if you do, then my roadblocks are more like The Rockies where i used to spend each weekend when i used to live in Calgary.

could you send me some leftover dynamite or nitro? i need to blast that blooming rockblock looming in front of my face, lol.

October 28, 2009


Hello, Richard!
This is an interesting article.
I write down some of my ideas in a notebook. The problem is that most of them come in my dream, and when I wake up I forgot part of them. Another part drives me crazy until I express them) But sometimes I don't have enough skills, or don't have an opportunity, patience or simply time and this makes me frustrated or dissatisfied. These unrealized ideas, I write them down for sure, hoping that I haven't missed the moment and one day I'll manage to express them.

October 26, 2009


I love it! Thanks Richard! Sometimes that idea capturing device could be your camera as well. :) I'm not carrying the notebook, though sometimes I have missed it very badly. But I always love to learn new techniques what help to create ideas. And these ones help a lot. Have a wonderful creative day!

October 25, 2009


If I think of something I make a note on my mobile phone. I always have it handy :)

October 25, 2009


A good management of ideas and the results will appear!

Congrats for your article!

October 25, 2009


I just have an A4 piece of paper folded on the kitchen surface and jot ideas down and then cross them off when implemented or amended. You're right they are illusive like dreams. David.

October 25, 2009


Yep that is absolutely right! Organizing is important & taking notes is a part of it! I use my mobile, notepad and memory as well! But also another thing that is important which is getting rid of those reminders when you're done! It's like cleaning your wallet from extra papers :))
Thanks for the post ;)

October 25, 2009


I keep a small note pad in the bottom of my camera bag along with a pen. I have several of those small voice recorders (about 1 min each). Each is small enough to take up little space.

October 25, 2009


Richard, you're a real person now!! I like it...if I run into you I can say hello :))....Isn't it kinda weird to think you may be passing by some of the people you talk to on here and not even realize it.

Anyway, ideas, yeah - they come and go. If I write them down sometimes I even misplace the notes! And I also find I have to be in certain MOODS. Don't feel like doing that today, maybe I'll try another shop is too messy, don't want to make room for the tripod, etc.....

Is there any help for me?

October 25, 2009


Yeah!! You are right. I going to start writing ideas down. The problem is to find the time to do them. Nice blog!!

October 25, 2009


Very useful! I need to start writing my ideas down. I find myself remembering ideas I forgot about and wondering how in the world I could have forgotten that.

October 25, 2009


I get creative ideas from many places, others images on here will trigger something (not the same as their image but a total other concept), from television adverts,magazines etc...And I either make a hand written note - which I later transfer to Powerpoint presentation with a sketch or other picture that motivated the concept in the first place, or record directly to my ideas portfolio on PP. The only problem is that in between doing all of this, my daily life and taking/submitting images I already have taken, I have not had the time to get around to actually shooting any of the conceptual ideas I have gathered over the past year or so. This may be a good thing as it means that maybe my best stuff is still to come, or my procrastination will see my ideas being used by someone else that has similar idea but puts these into practice :0)

October 25, 2009


Very well written, as usual a great blog.

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