Creative Sun

In my last blog I explained how we can be creative about photographing flowers and making them more attractive, this time I will talk about sunset/sunrise photographs which are equally in abundance with the stock agencies or photography showcases. Like flowers, sunsets and sunrises are also very attractive. The colors in a lightly cloudy sky at sunset can take us into a trance of nature, a bliss like no other. We often wonder who has painted this beautiful picture right in front of us. Never in nature can we see so many shades and colors on such a vast canvas of the sky.

Photographing sunsets is a very easy topic unless you are into clicking the sun through astronomical visions. Science and creativity lie differently in this case. An astronomer photographer friend of mine has always clicked multiple positions of a sun in a single frame using multi bracketing and some other techniques on his analog SLR. Also he has clicked many attractive pictures which some strange scientific techniques where he has shown the sun and the moon passing from the east horizon to the west like a streak of light. I still haven’t known how he did this. Normally we would think that a 12 hours B-Exposure might have worked, but it cannot considering the bright overhead sunlight. There are surely some other accessories he used for this.

Clicking sun can be more interesting if you can show emotions and actions through the technique of silhouettes. This will add an additional factor to the whole sunset photograph. The definition of the concept will be more vast and the audience can appreciate a picture in their perspective. Many times it happens that we click a picture with a certain idea and the audience praises it from a totally different perspective bowling us over. A concept to a sunset picture also increases the chances for more sales that the picture can generate.

More dramatic results can be drawn from such pictures if you have a water-body like a lake or pond around. Animals and birds can often add up more activity in the picture making the picture livelier in terms of nature. People kissing, hugging or in any other activity as the sun sets or rises can give more interesting effects to the subject of the picture itself. The light of the sun can give divine expression when the clouds are in the right formation and the colors of the evening are just right. Also try to find reflections of the sun on various textures in nature because they appear totally different in that golden twilight.



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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January 28, 2008


/thanks for the feedback. You will need some post-processing to get them accepted. Mainly the issue is noise in such silhouettes

January 28, 2008


Beautiful silhouettes. Lovely shots. I have quite a few silhouette shots on my flickr account or in my personal favourites but I am having trouble getting them accepted for stock photography because of exposure issues. I'm still learning!

October 05, 2007


I dont have an SLR so cannot use filter. Filters for normal cameras are not available here. I mostly do post processing if required. But in this picture"water colors", I haven't added any colors they are natural , I had to adjust contrast and brightness because the picture was blur and earlier rejected for lack of appeal in it. So the contrast and brightness processing help it appear a more attractive, and ofcourse I had to sharpen some blur areas of the silhouette.

October 05, 2007


I LOVE Water Colors. Did you use filters or post-processing on that or was it all natural lighting with no filtering? Beautiful colors! I would love to learn how to shoot these silhouettes like you do.

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