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Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value. What counts as "new" may be in reference to the individual creator, or to the society or domain within which the novelty occurs. What counts as "valuable" is similarly defined in a variety of ways.

Scholarly interest in creativity ranges widely: Topics to which it is relevant include the relationship between creativity and general intelligence; the mental and neurological processes associated with creative activity; the relationship between personality type and creative ability; the relationship between creativity and mental health; the potential for fostering creativity through education and training, especially as augmented by technology; and the application of an individual's existing creative resources to improve the effectiveness of learning processes and of the teaching processes tailored to them.


Abstract with face

Arabian Falcon

We can use our creative mind to do so much!!! Everyone sees things through different eyes so get out there and get creative..Peace and Love Debbie

Sun rays between clouds,at dusk

clouds face

  • Dmccale
People and nature inspire me.And the beauty I see through the lenses. I have been a photo bug most of my life. I love to capture people in different concepts. I also love graphic arts. I recently had someone buy one of my photos and wrote me a note letting me know. Thanks so much Dana. So if you have time please drop me a note and let me know where you use my photos. It is so inspiring to photographers to see our creations used. Have fun and I hope you find what you are looking for.
PEACE Debbie
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September 29, 2011

nice pics. Keep going....


September 09, 2011

thanks Margaretanne,Z3zr, and Snamfoto good luck to you all


September 08, 2011

Thanks for the contribution :)


September 07, 2011

thanks you are welcome Ingrid and Altif


September 07, 2011

Thank you very much for using my pic on your blog!
Great blog!!!"


September 07, 2011

Such beautiful works induce to aspire first of all to quality. Thanks for the contribution.


September 07, 2011

Thanks Maen I will.You are welcome Rolff you have a creative mind also.


September 07, 2011

Thanks for using my pics in your article Debbie!


September 07, 2011

Great blog Debbie! Keep up the creative mind my friend (((H)))


September 06, 2011

thanks for your comments .Creativity is in the eyes of the buyer also,it depends on what they are looking for.It can also be a simple photo that you create,It does not have to be artsy.That is why I put the falcon and the sky photos up.We all have the potential to be creative in our own ways. We are all different.And see things with different eyes If we were all alike this would be a dull world.JMO :)


September 06, 2011

Whilst being creative we also need to think commercially, we need to provide a clear and concise concept to the folk pucjhasing our images, I am a long way from achieving this but am trying to learn.

We can be as creative as we like with photoshop but unless someone shares our creative vision we are wasting our time!

@ Silent47, whilst I love your images I am struggling to see where many of them can be used, I am far from being sucessful and my port is not that much greater than yours so it is not a criticism form a wise guru just a question aimed at provoking thought.


September 06, 2011



September 06, 2011

How about my creativity?Is good enough?
   Halloween zombies   
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
   Finding ideas in dark moments   
   Special leader   
   Man protecting his home   
   Rain of money   
   Running in the rain   
   Driving on surreal mist   
   The war is starting   
   Screaming for help   
   Think creatively   
etc...Sorry to "bug" in your post but in this business,i think creativity sucks.I guess,only happy business man,isolated and other c... sells.I mean..come on.What is this?1 month and six days and only 16 sales?With over 200 pics?


September 06, 2011

A very well written and thought provoking blog. You have got a fantastic portfolio, I just wish I could be that creative. Keep up the good work.


September 06, 2011

I love your thinking................ I try to think creatively but need some tuition on Photoshop to give expression to some newer ideas. David.


September 06, 2011

Well written article! Creativity is great and we should use it! Thanks Debbie!