Creature's eyes

One of the items I learned about shooting images of creatures is to make sure the eyes are sharp. These eyes will draw you in and provide a visually striking image. While the rest of the image can be out of focus, it's important to make sure the eyes are in focus.

This image of a mabel orchard spider looking up through its web waiting for prey, gives me the creeps. Luckily, the spider is only about 5mm(0.25 inch) in length.

While i was taking the image it was interesting to watch the fluid movements of the spider through the lens.

Here are a variety of other pictures from contributing photographers who captured the essence of their creatures through the eyes. Creatures, Big and Small

Again, as you submit images for review, it is important that the subject's eyes are sharp and in focus. This will improve the chances of the image being approved for sale.

Good luck!

Photo credits: Tempestz.

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December 05, 2013


Nice image, anyway I donĀ“t like spiders....

December 04, 2013



Thanks for reminding us all of some of those basic techniques that we so often forget...


December 04, 2013


Cool macro! :)

December 02, 2013


Very good!

December 02, 2013


Really nice!

December 02, 2013


Excellent macro!

December 02, 2013


Nice composition and VERY creepy!

December 02, 2013


Beautiful macro photography, you gave good advice!

December 01, 2013


Yeah, this photo is kinda creepy when you view the enlarged Comp Image because you can see into it's eyes. Nice shot, Dan! Well composed. Cheers to many sales of this one.

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