Crediting photos used on website (copyright)

I purchased some (royalty-free) photos to use for a friend's website.

This is the first time I've used photos that are not my own, and so have not dealt with crediting others' copyright.

Here is my question:

Am I *required* to credit the photographer and Dreamstime, or is it a courtesy?

I ask because the nature in which I am using some of the photos (as div backgrounds with text on overlaid on top) would make it difficult to also add a mouseover editorial credit for the photography. Some photos would be easy, but others would not because of the way they are being used.

I suppose I could add a section somewhere on the website that just lists all of the photographs and their respective photographers.

How have others handled this?

Thank you~

Photo credits: Flashon Studio.

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September 03, 2007


It is not absolutely necessary to credit Dreamstime for the usage you are talking about. it would definitely help our site and we appreciate. it can also help you if you use the referral program. Please go to the following links to see information about the referral program and Crediting Dreamstime is compulsory in editorial context where the name of the agency must appear next to the photo. For the rest, mentions of Dreasmtime can appear wherever you want: next to the photo, below, in a special section, with link.

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