There is something I don't understand.

This picture was sold two times. Last time yesterday and the first time three day's ago. Both with 2010 credits and with the same resolution, large. With the last sale the earnings were higher than with the first one. How is that possible?

Photo credits: Bob Suir.

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September 27, 2010


I think it's simple, like Roberto said... Customers pay different $ per credit depending on the amount of credits purchased. We receive a percentage of the value paid by costumer, so our gain depends on how much the client paid when buying the credits. Thanks Bob for the question and Roberto for the answer

September 25, 2010


Thanks Roberto1977. This explanes a lot to me.

September 25, 2010


I received unusual royalties for images sold. What could the explanation be?

Royalties different from the ones you see displayed on the Sell Your Images page are due to various factors.
The most common explanation is the actual credit value per each package a buyer purchases. The more credits the package has, the lower the price/credit. Each credit's value and hence royalties are now calculated at the real value paid by the buyer.
For example, 8 credits purchased with the $9.99 package, will bring the contributor a reference of $1.25/credit: the royalties for a 8 credits image will vary between $3 (non exclusives, level 1) or $6 for exclusives. A $99.99 credit-package will bring the buyer 108 credits, which translates into $0.93/credit. Royalties for a 8 credits image are $2.23 (non exclusives, level 1) and $4.46 for exclusives. Add to the above the possibility of having third party downloads through our alliances program (if you're opt-in), that can also affect the percentages as well as value of withholding taxes for non-US contributors and you will understand why royalties' values are so diverse.

September 25, 2010


I'd like to understand it, too. I believe that it is explained well somewhere on this website, but it is a lot of reading for me:)

September 25, 2010


Maybe one was sold in the US ( so they hold taxes for that) and one in Europe, or somewhere else outside of the US :)

September 25, 2010


I do not understand this, too...

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