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I don't understand this system. I've read about credits for blogging, and I supposed I'll be credited for every useful article or comment. But it turns out that I receive credits only for my own articles.

The question is: why read and comment the other people's articles if you don't get credits for it?

And I'm sure people will mostly spam in their own blogs in order to get more credits, notwithstanding the fact their "articles" will be removed, the credits are already received.

Could anyone explain to me the situation or simply give me the link to where I can read all about it?

Thank you beforehand!

Your article must be written in English

August 22, 2007


Thank you very much for your answer! It's all clear for me now. I just heard that someone got credits for simple chatting in his blog. The articles were then removed, but the credits had been recieved. May be, it was a mistake, I don't know.

As for other people's blogs - I quite agree with you, that it's up to us whether to answer or not. As for me, I can't but answer when I see something really interesting for me or useful. I know that the author of the article will be pleased to know other people's opinion about his ideas.
And I think that the idea of blogging is very interesting because we can know each other better and learn how to improve our own work.

August 22, 2007


I totally agree with you Tangie. It's all about interacting with other members.

August 22, 2007


You get one credit for each article. Your own article. As far as the comments you leave to other people's article are concerned, well, that is up to you to do it or not. You will not receive credits for comments and I think it is obvious why. It is mean to pretend that you are interested in other people's thoughts just because there may be money involved in this. By leaving comments I guess you show that you are interested in what other users have to say, you want to boost your skills, learn new things, see what other people think or simply get to know them. If some prefer playing the photographer isolated in an "ivory tower" or worse - why should I read or answer if I do not get paid for this? - then I suppose he/she can stray aside. There are lots of people who really and I mean really enjoy interacting with fellow community members.
As far as the credit for blog article is concerned, that is received upon approval. It means that even if you write your article and publish it, you may very well not receive the credit. We may delete some articles after a day let's say, but rest assured, those people will not get their credit even if the article is online for some time. Credit is given after is not automatically received when you hit the publish button. We hit another button here, the approved one, and after that you receive your credit.

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