Credits expired?

I ever had 4 credits rewarded from the blogs I wrote last year, but today I suddenly found my Credits remaining: 0. What a pity! Maybe I forgot to use the credits and all of them are expired.

A suggestion to DT, could you write me a reminding letter before withdrawal all of my credits?

Photo credits: Leadenpork.

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This is good to know as my 4 credits vanished, oh well.


Thanks every one.
I have no any intention to ask for support, it's no use at all. I wrote this message only to note others credits do will expire after one year and DT would not remind you before cancel your credits.


Well I agree with Red,
And good to know about this expire issue.


Please contact support and see what can be done about these credits.


It is clear when you buy credits. But these credits are received through blogging. If you look at the FAQ you will see more about this.


I didn't know that they expire! Ioana don't you think that this point should be more clear!
Thanks! ;)


The initial credit didn't have an expiration date that is why you had it for so long. :)


Glad to read this! I also didn't know they expired. I've had the one initial credit for years and it never expired! Now I have a couple more also from writing a couple of blogs. Hummm, maybe after all I'll buy that underwater photo I need for the cover of my book :) (I don't do underwater photography ;) ) Thanks for the tip ...


Credits do expire after one year. Usually there is a message sent to the credit buyer but because your credits were acquired through writing blogs such a message was not sent. You should use the credits within a year from receiving them.


Yes, it's very important? But how can you use your own credits? You must buy photos?


I thought credits didn't expire, or at least take a long while.... Did you contact support?

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