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Credits remaining

Could anyone tell, i have receieved one credit, have no idea what for..

I never bought any credits, nor converted earnings to credits..

is it a system error, or maybe a petty bonus as i have just had 100 sales?

Photo credits: Goldution.

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June 23, 2014


Mirco Thanks that was helpful appreciate a lot your help :))

June 23, 2014


What i did with my reward credit is just downloaded my own file. I am sure that i will never purchase an image so instead keeping it forver is just used to download my own file. At least some earnings :).


June 23, 2014


i have the same questiion wondering what could u do with 1 credits remaning if i may ask what could do with it if u have not already spend it bec i think this blog is old..thanks

January 04, 2012


:) Clear. thks, friends..

January 04, 2012


I think it is one of your blog is very valuable, dreamstime reward to your right.

January 04, 2012


can you buy stuff with them, like a brand new car ?????

January 04, 2012


No don't spend it all at once ;) It is probably due to a blog that you have written, I tend to pick up quite a few credits and tend to spend them on images to illustrate my blog

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