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In one morning of last November, it was very cold.My wife and I taken a taxi arrived at the Crescent Moon River.

The Crescent Moon River lie in China Sichuan Province Hongyuan county of automonous prefecture of Aba.Because the river on the grassland looks like the curved moon crookedly, thus get the name of " The Crescent Moon River".

We had climbed up a hill, many photographers had waiting for the sunrise already.At 7:10, the sun rised slowly, the rosy clouds had all over the sky.

The Crescent Moon River sunrise is so beautiful, I will never forget.

The Crescent Moon River sunrise

Hongyuan grassland in winter

Photo credits: Zheng Dong.

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April 11, 2008



April 08, 2008



April 08, 2008


very beautiful!
i bet that was a nice trip for you and your wife!

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