Cricket Editorial Images

I was fortunate enough to attend the second day of the current 5 day test match between Australia and South Africa with my son on Friday, the first 3 editorial images have been accepted and are currently the first 3 editorial images seen from the home page getting good exposure, here is hoping they generate some sales :0) There are a few more to follow once accepted.

The only mistake I made with these images was not having the correct date set on my camera so the date shown for these images is 18th May 2006 and should be 27th February 2009, I hope this will not affect possible sales...

Photo credits: Fultonsphoto.

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Thanks Valeria :0)


Very nice photos!! :-)


Well done!


Thanks Olivier, the sales are starting to come so guess the uploads are starting to pay off. I have corrected the date on my camera to make sure if I do submit more it does not affect sales.


you do very good too, and you upload a lot, that's the way to success.
i never set the date either, i will do it for next year.


Thanks Lienkie, if you really want to watch a good match and change your mind about cricket go to one of the super 20 matches, much shorter, action packed and loads of photo oppertunities.


Well done!!My husband would be sooo jealous-spent the whole weekend glued to the TV.....I never wanna go to cricket matches,but looking at your stunning photos I'm beginning to wonder...LOL.Great work!


Thanks very much Melissad10.


Hi, yes my son got his ball and hat autographed, it was a good day out and I will definately return for the 1 day internationals.


Lucky man, did you meet any players, some autographs???? really lucky.

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