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I recently join dreamstime. After many rejection, and lot of survey on dreamstime, I decided to upload conceptual images. When I start shooting conceptual, I realize it is not easy, one need to think a lot for the conceptual subject. Though I amanged to uploaded uploaded conceptual images.

Now I really want to know, if my conceptual is going in right direction, or whether my conceptual thinking is right or wrong, or I am making wrong conceptual images. I need your critic comments to improve my photography skill and thinking.

I wouldnt mind any critics, so, go ahead and shoot me :)

1. Killing time

2. Perfection of the work or Quality of the work

3. Graph made from EUR images, shows the money growth

4. Priority of work

5. Importance of study

Photo credits: Pawan Pullarwar.

Your article must be written in English

December 09, 2010


Agree, good concepts and well executed shots. I like how you have done "money growth", I'm sure a lot more variations could be created using this idea. Just need a few hundred shots more now to make an impact on here when up against the 10 million + pictures here. Keep up the good work.

December 09, 2010


Great pictures! Good luck for the future!

December 09, 2010


Thanks everybody for wonderful comment. But if my images has any crtitics than please do write.

@Alexhor: Thanks for the suggestion. I will upload new keywords for my study shot, as suggested by you. And in future I will try to write keywords based on concept.

December 09, 2010


Conceptual thinking is hard to achieve. There are two common problems. First is getting the idea. As I see your ideas are great as well as execution. The second moment is keywording. It is even harder to get some conceptual images visible when idea is abstract. Your Money growth, Perfection and Killing time are pretty much straigtforward. Importance of study is idea that I like the best, it realy brings the metaphor in its best sense. But your keywording is not that good for that image and they don't describe a concept. Try to add some more, like late, night, overnight, passion, persistance, preparation, reading etc. Maybe those are not right but think about multi word searching which will combine with the words study , exam, etc. And don't forget to add 'concept' as well. Also think about making your private collection using DT tools an place a link on your profile page saying My other conceptual images. This may expose your conceptual work. Generaly you are on the right track for sure. Congrats on nice ideas and thinking 'out-of-box'. :)

December 09, 2010


Right direction............ good concepts like killing time. David.

December 09, 2010


It's very creative. Keep uploading.

December 09, 2010


The conceptual images fascinate me a lot, you're going in the right direction, the sales will be confirmed, however, a greeting!

December 09, 2010


Great concepts!!
Wish you many more sales!

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