Crossed 250 images 26 days (Story from Beginning)

Good Morning to everyone on Dreamstime. Today I am sharing my experience on crossing over 250 images online on dreamstime and also sharing my experience of getting exclusive badge on my profile.

Indian Fall-Thirathgarh fall

StartingI am interested in photography from my college time and wanted to become a photographer with online existence of my portfolio.When I was in college I always search on google for a online photo selling website so that I can sell my photo that I capture and get an chances to win some cash with honurs with good company.

One day I searching on google and seen about is very good agency that fits on beginners needs.So that I created my account on .In Starting I don’t have enough images and never thought about to capture any images.But I search some photos that I previously captured when go to any tour or travel.Yes I found some useful images that can be selected on

Upper Kolab Front View

First ImageI remember when I uploaded first picture that is the photo of Thirathgarh waterfall with sun light croosing over water.When I uploaded this picture I am used to see the ETR that when my picture selected by dreamstime reviewers .

First SelectionMy First image was selected and taken almost a week to select.That time what I feel I can not explain by words.I got an email from on my gmail account.I am too happy with my selection .Finally I started my journey on

Camera that I Use

In Starting I use Canon Powershoot A 1200HD.This camera is pretty good because of it’s image quality with too low price as you know canon known for quality.I capture images most time in auto mode and got good images with very less noice and with good color contrast.

Steel plant,Nagarnar(India)

Techniques that I use for post processing my images

Because I use a camera that produce noise that cause my photo refused by dreamstime reviewers .SO I started using photoshop and I clear noise using noise reduction tools from filter menu.I Zoom 100% in image and see how much amount of noise to be removed because when I use 100% of tools I lost my image sharpness so that I use some king of amont to apply on image so that I can maintain my image quality.

When I started using photoshop my acceptence ratio improved and less images will refused .

First Sell

The first sell I have was my first imagethat selected for first.This is the image of tirathgarh waterfall and sun light.I am happy with the buyers need.And then The Plant image of nagarnar and the third one is Set of Social Logo.

Indian Fall-Thirathgarh fall

Getting boost in photographyFrom 14 may 2018 ,I started uploading again after a period of time .I used to take picture objects ,nature and many thingds and thus uploading everyday.After 14 may 2018 I have total of 250 selection under 26 days.

In this journey I purchased a new camera canon 1300d that is the cause of so many picture selected without any refusel some times.

Getting Exclusive BadgeAfter the long time i also got my exclusive badge and also got the bonus and commission of exclusivity.


I spended more than 1 years in photography and I came to conclusion that whatever you give the time in capturing moments you will get more experience. If you give this full time I will bet that you will become a professional photographer in just one years.

Try to capture different moments in different times of the day and you will surely get an experience of the success.

I hope this blog will help you ,so for now tata,bye,bye…

Photo credits: Gaurav Kumar.

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June 20, 2018


Thanks for appreciating me.....Welcome to India....

June 19, 2018


You're doing great. Keep it up. Congratulations.

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