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CRT, TFT, LCD !?!?!?!

Till recently I have been hardly working on a 14" no name CRT. Because of that I started to have problems with my eyes. So, I decided to buy a new monitor. I had a budget of around 300 Euros. In my country that is still a considerable amount of money(about an average salary). I searched all the online shops and found out that I no longer could by a CRT because they are no longer available. As I was unaware of what TFT and LCD is I read all possible reviews and forums and came to the conclusion that despite the minor deficiencies it is the only available option. I thought: 16.7 million colors is something and the 1680x1050 resolution would beat a 14" CRT.

So, I happily bought a 22" LCD. I came home and installed it. Surprise! Huge surprise! Disappointment! Bitter disappointment! The new monitor was very bad at colors. 16.7 million colors means almost nothing. Set your CRT on 8 bit colors and see what is it like. After spending a lot of money, I felt I have a heart attack, I was so angry on myself as I disregarded the reviews warning: "No LCD for image editing!".

Lately I found out that there is LCD for image processing but it costs around 1800 Euros. Quality has its price.

A few days passed since then. Now I feel a bit better. I work on the LCD but I look for buying a second hand CRT. Hope this time I won't have a new disappointment.

Photo credits: Ilie Cristian Ionescu.


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