The crux of micro stock

I was able to get about 30 shots accepted the past 7 weeks but without any sales. It is a bit demoralizing after you have put it a lot of hard work. Although I love landscape and water scape photography I have decided not to proceed with it because it is so difficult to communicate a clear message with landscapes. If your shots do not communicate a clear message you can rather relax at home with a nice drink.

The commercial value of pictures is determined by emotion, concepts and lifestyle. You waist your time if your shots do not symbolize one of the mentioned three characteristics. The clearer the message of your photo the better your change to get it accepted and to sell it.

I jumped into an unknown field of photography and I am surprised with the rise in my acceptance rate. Have a look at my black model!

Best of luck to all you DT's.


Photo credits: Mossel.

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Thanks Carolyne. Mossel


Thanks so much for your interest in my photography. I do appreciate your advice. I like your pics of the cities.

Kind regards
Mossel (South Africa)


I liked the smile of your model. sales will surely come but it takes little time, hang on and keep uploading images, and enjoying photography, sales is just a bonus, which will come sooner.


The model is great! It takes some time to built up your portfolio and sales, especially when your initial uploads were all rejected and bring down your upload quota to 5 a day.... Be patient and continue with the model pictures, the (beatiful) landscapes you can sell elsewhere:)


Sales take a while to build up just the same as a good portfolio does so don't get too downhearted about it. Slow and steady wins the race ;) Your horizon isn't crooked it's just that the horizon on the left blends into the sky more and so your eye sees the slope of the rocks in front as the horizon. On a larger image it is easier to see. Cheers :0)


I know how it feels when things are not going your way, but be patience you will definitely be rewarded for your hard work. Keep on uploading more pics.


Thanks David. Best of luck. There is for sure no short cuts to money. May be for some whole crook!


Yes its hard to get started. I am on 62 images and have just had a load of rejections due to microscopic logos [ I think ]. You've got to take criticism on the chin and smile. Yes your horizon is 5 or 10 degres off ! Its amazing it wasn't spotted by the hawk eyes who critic our submissions.
I still dont understand fully the money side of it but its a real challenge and the need for images that show emotions and action with model releases seems to be right. My credit check image has sold twice and it was simple to do once the idea came to me. Good luck. David.


Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate your interest. Your pics are great. I particularly like the shots of the old car!

Kind regards.


I think you should not complain about no sales yet. You just started here and it will take a while. There are millions of GREAT land/seascape photos and the competition is tough. Ocean flow is a good photo but the horizon looks tilted which makes me feel off balance. Your Stormy Seas photo is great and I would think that has a chance at doing well.

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