Curacao a beauty for all

hey all,

I like to tell some about the country where i come from, Its just pure information so don't think i have a purpose with this.

© Badboo

I have lived in Curacao for like 18 years and i like it a lot. Ii had a country full of beauty to enjoy. every day was a good day to go to the beach that means there is a 99.9% chance that you wil wake up and see the sun shining in to your room.

All of this sounds like a paradise, well if you need a paradise for photographing Curacao is one of this paradises . if you go to Curacao i would strongly recommend you to take some underwater pictures.

Going out in Curacao is also a lot of fun, instead of standing in a disco with a lot of smoke you wil be on a open beach with a dancefloor made on it so you wil be partying till late in the night while you are enjoying beach side vieuw. Tell who would not like this :P

© Juburg

Curacao is a small island with LOTS of things to do, i have just told like a 0.5% that Curacao offers.

© Ersler

There is only one thing i can say GO to Curacao and make some nice pictures :) :)

hope u guys enjoy this blog

Photo credits: , Badboo, Lidian Neeleman, Dmitry Ersler, Jo Ann Snover, Juana Van Burg.

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October 16, 2007


I have had the pleasure of visiting your country many times for scuba trips and the beauty of your country is only enhanced by the kind and friendly people that live there. Thank you

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