The Cure for Lethargy!

I have discovered the cure to lethargy. Well, a cure that works on me...

I am mainly a video guy. I shoot hundreds of clips a week and occasionally I get some time to pick up a still camera. The past few weeks, however, I've felt lethargic... rundown... my creativity seemed like it left me entirely.

Funny that a cure would show up in the mail, in the form of a book. A library book, actually.

A couple months ago I discovered that my local library lets people suggest books for them to buy through a form on their web site. So, I spent a few hours playing on Amazon and copying the names of books and authors over to the library site. I didn't think anything would actually come of it. But it turns out that if they purchase one of your book suggestions, they check it out for you and mail it to you.

It turns out I asked for a book on lighting. I was setting up a little mini-video studio in the house and figured any information I could find would be useful. I ended up putting together my studio without any books, just as much free info as I could find on the net. ApparentlyI messed up.

Most of the info I found was pretty good, but a lot of it was also dead wrong and somehow I managed to mix the right and the wrong and come up with something very uniquely wrong. And as a result I've spent a lot of time over the past month fixing lighting issues in post. It's just sapped the life right out of me.

So, I open up my new book and spent a full day in bed with diet coke, cheeto's and a very warm fuzzy blanket. I read through the entire 200+ pages and it was very difficult NOT to jump out of bed every few paragraphs.

It's an old book and most of you probably already know about lighting, so I won't bore you with any details...

I guess my point to this blog post is that I became re-inspired. Not from any tip in the book, but from the act of learning. It seems that nearly all of my best ideas come when I am in the process of learning something new. It sparks my creativity as I desperately want to start using those things that I have just learned.

So, if you are feeling a bit uninspired lately... Learn something. Get a book, watch a tutorial, sign up for a class. I think that once you do, you'll find your muse is once again a cherished companion.

Photo credits: Tombaky.

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Much as I liked reading this, was just curious to know the name of the book (about lighting)


Very good story! Thanks for sharing.


Hi Dave,
Very inspiring. I just read all your blogs here and what I find is that you are a wonderful writer as well as digital artist. I'm not sure you even realize this.
Best regards,


Thanks for sharing! Just found out that I'm doing the same! I have some really good photography books that make me get out of lethargy! And also there are a lot of tuts in internet.


All of the best stuff I've ever found out about photography came from a book, followed by trying it out at all hours(depending when I'd read it) :0)) It's all good fun. Cheers for sharing!


Funny and helpful, Thanks!

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