"Curiositys a picture"

One year ago I wrote about the first sales. She it.

This bush grew on a lawn near a house. I not botany also cannot precisely tell as it is a bush to refers. Beside other trees grew.

But a ground floor have sold for private office. And now we have such, not so presentable, a picture.

Stub 1

Stub 2

What for it is done? What trees and bushes did not prevent the review of advertising. Trees are destroyed ruthlessly.

I understand, that many trees old. But having cut down one old, it is necessary to plant put two young. Correctly I speak, whether or not?

And how affairs in other countries are, not it is possible so lawlessly to cut trees in downtown?

So will of a case of a photo appeared historical. A bush have cut down. :(

Photo credits: Tokomag.


cutdown trees

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