A curious question

In these beautiful spring days I take a lot of photos outside. The nature is my studio :-) I wish you a happy springtime, especially during making photos as spring can offer so many beautiful shots. :-)

Yesterday during walking with our golden retriever and my friend (who has also a golden retriever, so it is joyful to walk all together), I got a curious question. My friend after seeing my portfolio in DT asked me: "Are you a moody photographer?"

First of all I had no idea what she meant. Then she went on: "Sometimes you have so bright and colorful images, sometimes darker and mysterious. Do you make images accoridng to your mood?"

I was thinking a lot about the answer. Of course mood can influence creation. However, in my case, the tonality of my images doesn

My friend admit that she makes the most bright and jolly photos just in days when she feels a good mood.

The truth is that I don

My friend, on the other hand, has a typical style for her - images with warm colors in very bright tonality.

I like both kinds of images - bright and light, also darker and mysterious.

And what about you? Are you a moody photographer? Can your mood influenced tonality of your images?

Photo credits: Starblue.

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May 18, 2010


Wow, interesting question and very interesting answers. I know that when I am in a bad mood I don't feel very creative at all. So, I guess the answer is yes from me. Fortunately, the bad mood does not come too often. You know I am a big fan of your work, so keep on creating your wonderful images, dark or bright, they are all beautiful!

May 10, 2010


Unlimited creativity!Great shots as usual!

May 07, 2010


I think your photos may reflect your mood in somehow. BTW I love your poics both dark and bright ;)

May 07, 2010


Hi! I think that I am not moody photographer, rather observer of the real world - but Your images are great, fantastic, terrific and amazing ! I admire your works, but have to go my own way...Love your blog

May 04, 2010


200% agree with you.

May 04, 2010


Hi Jitka,

i think it certainly has something to do with mood. it takes an effort and thinking to do a proper setup or a shot so if i don't feel like doing anything it is unlikely i will be up for shooting. but on the other side, i have noticed that sometimes when i'm in a bad mood if i occupy my mind with something i don't think about bad stuff anymore. so definatly it is worth trying to shoot in any mood. :)

May 03, 2010


Interesting question. If I'm not in the mood for photography I don't produce anything or even bother trying. So I guess all my images, whether darker moody themed or not, all come from a good mood lol. So my mood influences whether I work or not, but not the subject :) Your images aren't really dark, I think they all have a spark of hope and inspiration in them. So I think you work from a good place too. Great blog Jitka :)

May 03, 2010


Hi Jitka!I think i must to be in a good mood to can take photos,i don't think the mood influence tonality of my images.I prefer simple, practical style.
You have a very personal style in creating images bright or darkness .You are very creative and full of inspiration,you probably like to draw or paint also.
Anyway if i am upset or bored i not make any photo i must to be in a good mood to can take photos:)

May 03, 2010


Hi Jitka,
even though some of your photos are dark and mysterious, I don't think they're gloomy, they still have a shining light!
Somedays I'm not a mood to take photos. Taking photos means being open outwards, wanting to see what's out there. If I'm tired, feeling sick or unhappy I'm focusing inwards, so I'm not inspired to take photos. Then there's the weather, glorious days and glorious light bring on more motivation (I don't have a studio). So in the end, this probably reflects in my photos!

May 03, 2010


Hmmmm, it is an interesting question. I always think of myself as reacting to what I am seeing, and not the other way around. If anything, when I am out shooting, I totally get into the moment, forgetting what is in my subconscious. Funny, unlike your friend, I don't see dark and moody in your images. I feel the mysterious and spiritual. You have a wonderful sense of color, incorporating it so well into your composition, moving the eye from darkness to light.

May 03, 2010


with 2000 plus photos in your port and 10,000 sales so far ~~ Keep doing whatever you have been, its working!!!

Love your port.

BTW: if i shot according to mood all my photos would be black :)

May 03, 2010


Hey there, once again so interesting to read you.
Ok, as for me, no, I don't think my mood influence my photography. I separate my life when I have my camera. In fact , like my guitar (to compose music) , or my pen (to write poetry,etc), it's that magic border (like Alice and the Mad Hatter) I step into ... and it takes on its own life .
But I do have certain tones and shades and colour preferences, though...
be it shooting portraits or be it landscape or products. I post process them to my own "spectral preference", if you can call that.
I see in your work also that "spectral preference". Perharps it's our "style" , for lack of a better word, much like a classical guitarist or a soprano is identifiable by the way he / she favors a timbre or a vocal rendition. I hope I make sense, ... lol... if not, that's good news, as photography , like music, is a things to be felt , and not analyzed :)

May 03, 2010


Certainly the mood is very important, be it photography or any other work.

May 03, 2010


A lot of times if you're in a bad mood - picture quality may suffer. But then again you may get the perfect (almost) pic you've every done.
So yes mood does make a difference most of the time

May 03, 2010


I have to be in a goodmood in order to have results that I like first! I remember that I redo some work by my self just because I didn't like the way I did it with out good mood!
Doing cheerful colors or dark ones only means perspectives to me!

When we do something with strong emotion usualy get us to make a piece of art! Cheers Jitka, wish you a great mood :)

May 03, 2010


Our mood and what we're feeling has everything to do with how we shoot something and what we shoot.Photography is all about perspective and how we see the world.So what's going on in our heads has everything to do with the end result.

May 03, 2010


Hi... It's a good question what your friend asked you.... I kind of agree with you, but mostly in my case I guess mood has to do with creativity, and not with darkness or brightness.

May 03, 2010


That´s a good question from your friend! I have to be in a good mood in order to be creative and make my images, but that doesn´t mean that I´m making only bright images, they can also be dark or horror style ;)

I hope you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing this interesting article!

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