The "curse" of Level 2???

Hi everyone!

I recently added a picture to my portfolio. Here is the picture.

I sold the picture FIVE times in less than a week, which is common for some photographers but it has NEVER happened for me before. I was really excited!

However, now that my image is a Level 2, I have not had a single download, and it has been nearly a week. The only difference I can think of is the purchase price difference between 1 credit with Level 1 and 3 credits with Level 2.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Since this is, by far, the fastest I have ever gotten to Level 2 with an image, I was hoping some of you other wonderful, successful photographers could shed some light on this "curse of Level 2" phenomenon. :-)

Any ideas? I look forward to hearing from all of you! Thanks guys!

Photo credits: Katn1999.

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March 04, 2010


level 2 is fab news, sales will come don't worry :)

March 04, 2010


Congrats, Kelley!

March 03, 2010


Thanks guys! I think you're all right. But since I have never experienced anything like this, I had to know what was going on. :-) Happy selling to you all!!!

March 03, 2010


Actually I got the 6th & 7th on level two fast! But stopped then! :))
Anyway level2 is not a problem selling at all! Especially that subscriptions include level 2 the same as level 1!
I my self if I like an image & have a use for it, I buy it whatever the price is!
Off the record, last week I bought 2 images for 22 credits! (photographers will know more later). Cheer up ;)

March 03, 2010


I have very limited experience, but it seems that sometimes sales of an image seem to come in waves and for a while after that they stay quiet, then sell again more regularly; have faith, I think that when an image starts off that well it'll keep on selling.

March 03, 2010


i have the same problem, i just think i takes time, the quality of the picture is here so don't worry! if it came until here, it's because it worht it, so let the time work for you.

March 03, 2010


nothing like that, well when I was a creative manager of the publishing company, i used to search image download ascending, that's to get images for less, but it never worked out, if the image is worth we don't see the price, in your case your image is already proved its hot selling. So don't worry sales will come. I have a image which cost 9 credits for extra small size, still people buy, just matter of time.

March 03, 2010


No, level 2 is a great news, You'll see:)

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