Curve or not to curve ?

Well , Curves (Ctrl M) is one of the most powerful tools to whiten our backs :) in Photoshop but I think it also destroys the details sometimes.

What I want to recommend is another way, simply selecting the image with Magic Wand tool and make Tolerance about 10 or 20... After selecting your image copy and paste the selection area into another layer and fill it with pure white.

Use brush tool to paint every little point into white.

For edges , use a soft brush and make the flow and opacity about % 50 not to leave brush stains and jitters

You always have a chance to clean the over bleached areas with the eraser tool.

Thank you very much for reading.

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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February 15, 2010


Great tip, thankyou... I'll surely try!

February 02, 2010


Your welcome ,hope it helps

February 02, 2010


good one, both image an the tips, keeping writing such educative blogs.

February 02, 2010


thanks for the tip! it's true sometimes I can over curve too and I end up with a blown out image!

February 02, 2010


Another tip to try, thanks for sharing.

February 01, 2010


After all you must be able to select the image with 0 tolerance. Dont forget to lower the opacity and flow of the soft brush while correcting the borders. However if you once made a mistake , it is always possible to correct it by deleting in the background layer

February 01, 2010


thanks for sharing, I never use magic wand because I used to get awful borders, I will try that tip

February 01, 2010


Thank you very much for sharing this because I struggle trying to get my backgrounds white and haven't been successful yet.

February 01, 2010


great fruits. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

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