Cute little animals

I was searching Dreamstime to find some little animals I would like to have. This is what I found, some adorable little budgerigar, little kitten,

little yellow duckling, cute little mouse, all wonderful photos with isolated subject on white.

Also found some beautiful wild animals that not necessarily are right to keep in home, some little fawn, cute little porcupine or

wise owl.

In my live except my husband there are two other males

© Frenc
my cute little bunny, and friend dog “Indi” golden retriever, he was adorable when he was young like this one on photo but know he three years old, and he is more adult.

Photo credits: , Alexander Raths, Emilia Stasiak, Emin Ozkan, Frenc, Has1sue, Haveseen, Okea, Stefano Maccari.

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