Dachshunds are Good Luck!

I've always loved dachshunds. When it was time to adopt my own dogs from the shelter, I chose mixes of dachshund and who knows what else. I love the personality of the breed, and the way they happily waddle on their short legs, unaware that they may be at any disadvantage. When I'm out and about and I see a dachshund, my spirits lift. Here are some dreamstime pics of wieners and hotdogs that will lift your spirits too.

© Oracal

And I must give a shout out to my own dogs - I call them half-wieners - Harper (right) and Drew (left).

Photo credits: Harperdrewart, Kennosuke, Nadzeya, Grigoriy Pil, Andrey Yakovlev, Kevin Woodrow.


dogs fun good luck

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July 28, 2009


so cute thanks for sharing
I have muts also.Wildmac one is half rhodesian ridgeback

July 28, 2009


Lovely images. I love dogs, we have a Parsons Jack Russell/Fox Terrier cross at the moment, tho in the past we had a Golden Lab and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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