Dance is a form of art which creates characters due to rhytmic movements.

Dancing helps people express theirselves and it is strongly connected with music. Rhytms and beats are very important and helpful to create special choreographic composition and give appropriate impression to the audience.

It is hard to say when exactly dances appeared but for sure all the important events in life of ancient people (birth, death, war, prayings, recovery of ill) were accompanied by ritual dancing. In Middle ages dances were prohibited by the clergy and still pair and Latin-American dances are considered as sin in Islamism.

Culture of every country has its own exceptional dance that's why there are so many types of dancing such as belly dance, jig, waltz, tango, disco, salsa, electronica, hip-hop etc. Dancing demands flexibility and strength but it is so amazing to watch professional perfromances and admire at beaty of human body.

Photo credits: , Olyashevchenko.

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