those darn computers

Technology is wonderful until it doesn't work! My computer has crashed twice in the last three years. When I started down the road to becoming more knowledgeable about today's technology, I forgot to take into consideration the many ways that technology can also bite you in the butt! I had many photos stored on my hard drive that are now gone forever. Some of them cannot be replaced and I learned to back up my files on a frequent schedule. There are a number of ways to do this but I have found that the easiest way for me is to burn them on to a cd even before editing them.That way I will always have the originals to work with.

I'm sure that I am not the only one that this has happened to. I just wanted to remind everyone BACK UP those files!!! Have a great 2008!

Photo credits: Paul Jantz.

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January 16, 2008


You are so right! I have CDs burned of each major trip, and we also have 2 external hard drives which we rotate backups on. (Oh, that's awful English!). My husband is a programmer so he is very conscious of the potential for lost data. One thing I have done in the past as well is to burn extra CDs and send them to my brother, so that there is at least one other place in the world where my photos exist.

For family photos, a place like Flickr has been a good option for us. I put them up and my family can grab the ones they want.

Another good place to keep photo CDs would be a bank safe deposit box...

A good thing to bring up, Paul!

January 15, 2008


I keep my photo files on an external harddrive, rather than the internal one. When we move into this house we are going to be getting (waiting for all the loan papers to wrap up), my plan is to get a fireproof safe for important documents AND back-up files of our digital photographs. I just haven't decided on what format I wish to back up and place in the safe: cd, removable USB, external harddrive, backup tape.. I dunno!

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