A dash of red

Approximately 10% of people answering studies claim red as their favorite color. It is a vibrant color with a powerful message. It speaks of passion, fire, religion, hate, bravery, luxury, love, blood, life, danger and the list can go on. I too like red. I could say it is my favorite color but what I actually like is the subtle red. In my opinion, less is more when it comes to red and I believe red dots, red splashes and dashes here and there are more likely to make an impression rather than an all-red picture. I also think color statements are an amazing and inexhaustible concept in visuals, photography and design included, so my advice would be to just put on a little red and everything will be better.

Here's what red does to your pictures:

Always gets your message across. If there is any color out there likely to make us react based on a color code, then this is red. If you want to highlight a concept, stress an idea, draw the attention, you'll definitely pick red. And it does not have to be too much red. To achieve maximum effect and impact, make it only a dash of red. A small red frame, a fine red graph line, a little red button, these will always work with the viewer. Red will also deliver a powerful message if you wish viewers to get one. Your photo/design may may say I am bold, I am different, I am passionate, pick me.

Saves the day for an otherwise dull or monochrome image. We all have monochrome images in our archives. They're great but if you want a different perspective, try adding a red spot somewhere in the picture. We also have images we're not very happy about so try brightening with a dash of red. You may like the result enough to upload it for sale. Add a red umbrella to a bleak, rainy late autumn day in the city, put on some red lipstick with your little back dress, take your red jacket on a walk in the misty green forest, wear your red bikini in the turquoise sea.

Enhances the visual impact. Red is amazing if you want to play with the color contrast, it conquers all, eyes and heart. Your subjects may be ant-like, lost in busy backgrounds, crowded scenes, make them wear red and people will always see them. You may think people will check the centered subject or the largest thing in the picture. But no, they will spot the red because we're conditioned to do that. Even if you have a myriad of vibrant colors in your image, the viewer will first see the red. And if this red is a dash, even better. You'll achieve the maximum effect.

Tells a story. I could say that red is worth a thousand words. Use a dash of red in a picture and people will also get a full script with the red shoes, the red bike, the red skirt. You may photograph a city from the top, people will still wanna hear the story of the red curtained window. They'll even imagine what's behind the curtains.

Changes the entire meaning of the whole picture. Among others, red has the very special talent of being subversive. Red will most likely be your image's subject even if you do not want to make it the subject. Your image can be about a breathtaking beach landscape. Add a small red crab and it will be about something else completely different. Take any picture with a dash of red and imagine that dash in a different color. You'll see it's not the same, red truly makes a difference.

And if this wasn't convincing enough, check out my Dash of red collection to see what a little red can actually do to photography.


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November 07, 2017


Very nice photo!!!

November 06, 2017


The contrast is pretty awesome

November 05, 2017


i am a red one! :)

November 04, 2017


Brilliant article, great tips. Thanks Carmen :)

November 03, 2017


Nice Carmen !

November 03, 2017


Love the dash of red. The brilliance always stands out, no matter how small the detail. : )

November 03, 2017


Enjoyed your article! Nice images!

November 03, 2017


The photos show it works very well in contrast for sure.

November 02, 2017


Nice collection. I hadn't seen that before. You have a good eye.

November 02, 2017


Great images here and in the Dash of rad collection!

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