A day in the Azorean sea

On the 28th of last month (june 2008) I woke up early from bed and looked through the bedroom window and the ocean was so flat and clear that it looked like a mirror.

So I grabed my camera and went whale watching with "Espa├žo Talassa", the day couldn't be a better one and the dolphins and the whales just kept on greating me with plenty of poses.

These are some of my favourite shots I toke from that day, Just wanted to share them with all you guys for this is something that everyone should experience in their life

I feel blessed for living here in Pico island because it's a natural paradise with plenty of life to give.

Whenever you are in vacation, if you have the chance, buy yourself o whale watching ticket :)

Photo credits: Jaime Debrum.

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July 06, 2008


You are super lucky :-)
Truly amazing shots :-)

July 03, 2008


Thanks Can73!

Mayatairy: My house is just a few feet from the ocean, from my window i see as far as the eye can tell, anyways sometimes its possible to see theese little fellows from the house but in order to get good shots i sail on a boat to their encounter

July 03, 2008


I'm soooo greenish right now, this is your window view?
Gosh - amazing :-)
Good work :-)

July 02, 2008


wonderful shoots!wonderful showstoppers!

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