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some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. yesterday was such a day! I should have known when I woke to go to my job at 6 30 and discovered major snow in Michigan falling at a brisk pace. 5 inches covered the ground already, but I made it to work and was there 2 hours watching the white stuff fall... only to have the electricity go out in the area. so since my bosses could not get any work done, I was sent home from job one.

3 hours later, I am off to job two, however now we have 14 inches of snow! and Im stuck in my driveway. after 45 minutes of shoveling,

I finally get out of the driveway, only to get 20 feet and my bosses call on the cell phone to say don't come in to work today after all! arrhrrghh! ok.. well... time to photograph this winter storm.. however.. my Nikon, fresh back from 3 weeks at a repair shop for calibrating and cleaning... now wont focus at all!

well, cant go to work, cant take photos... I can key word stock photos! ahh but.... my lovely computer takes this day to give me the blue screen of death. mother board AND hard drive gone. now I am banging my head in disbelief. I need chocolate badly!

can I request a do over?

I just want to lie on the floor and cry like a 2 year old.

well.. guess its time to do laundry at least.. right?

nope! first load.... water all over the laundry room floor. why why why????? yesterday was 11-12-13... SUPPOSED to be a lucky day. not for me!!! even got turned down the 10th time on another stock site! I for sure should have stayed in bed!~

fast forward to today (and a box of chocolates later I have to admit)

snow stopped, sun came out, temps soaring to 60 by sunday!

shop took back my nikon and promised to over night and expedite repair...good friend offers to build me a screaming new computer with 8 gig of ram and a 3 tb drive and have it to me in 2 weeks loaded with all my software.., and the driveway is melted even! and then I log into dreamstime and see I

have reached my goal of 1000 images FINALLY! (1024) actually. also 211 sales!!!


when it seems darkest... it does help to take a deep breath and see what tomorrow brings. (still have to repair the washer!) and now we have time to play in the snow... maybe make a snowman?

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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November 16, 2013


Waiting for the 2,000 :)

November 15, 2013


1000 uploads!! wow...

You are very gifted artist

November 14, 2013


So funny story! You are strong people there! A mirrorless snowman will be allways in focus! :) lol

November 14, 2013


Great news on your 1000 uploads well done! What a day you had, thank goodness it turned out ok eventually. Love your snow shots, but I agree with clearvista keep your "white stuff" that side of the pond :)

November 14, 2013


Ha ha great. Enjoyed that thank you. Well after your many "setbacks" I am pleased to see that all is going well for you. Great achievement to reach 1,000 uploads. Hope many more sales follow for you. Please keep your "white stuff" that side of the pond though.

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