A day in the editor's life

Morning wake up is at 8 AM for me, too early if you ask me but I have to travel the whole town to get to office so here comes the oh_so_hated ring of my alarm (sound)alarm clock(sound).

Then I take that five_more_minutes_in_bed time before I finally make up my mind and go to the bathroom; I usual hit the door with my head because I'm too sleepy to keep my eyes open. Ok, there is not picture for that so just imagine it.

After this comes the brush_my_teeth part and wash my face with cold water maybe I can get my eyes to open. I don't use make-up so I'm good to go in 5 minutes.

So, get my clothes on, pick up food for the neighborhood kittens that wait for me in front of my home (they know me by the sound of the plastic bag I bring the food in, don't ask how, they just know it's breakfast time).

Out the door, feed the cats rush to the subway. Now, the subway trip, eleven stations in a crowded train where the air is a luxury ... ok, let's skip this part cause I hate it :)

© Barsik
It's an underground train, feel the claustrophobia already?

© Kounas
At around 9AM I get at work, the street is under construction since may this year, figure it's not finished yet, Goddess knows why because I don't, or maybe the mayor does

Well, I need to actually start working now, copy images, look on the forums, answer e-mails, you know, all those things you hate me for. I don't think I got many fans so I can't run for presidency very soon. However, I try to do my job the best I can.

After the job, which ends at around 17:30PM I do what the usual person does, go home, take some pictures, if I have any ideas, or play a little if I don't, water my bonsais check my sales and write totally not useful blogs.

Ok, this one I did while at the job :) don't tell anyone that I am slacking, especially my boss :)

Well, that's about a day in this editor's life. See, I'm normal :D:)

Photo credits: Galina Barskaya, John Kounadeas, Massman, Walter Pall.

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May 28, 2009


I like you !!! Well some one has got to lol :-0

September 12, 2008


Eleven stations? That's about in the other part of the city. I hate the subway in Bucharest too. I'd rather spend 2 more hours waiting at semaphors in the over-crowded intersections in my car.

May 27, 2008


Lucky you! I must say tha in Italy when they say May we know it will never be... :(

May 27, 2008


street is finally finished. Thanks for your kind words :)

May 27, 2008


Hi Ioana! I just received one of your emails... It's strange to know exactly where and when you wrote it. I mean... In your office after that underground trip with dust all around (and maybe noise???). Thanks for giving us the opportunity to "see" you working!

Even before reading your blog, when I received your mail, I just thought you were kind, now that I know that you prefer to stay in bed 5 minutes more instead of using makeup (like me) I just think you're great!!!

Have a nice day and be good!!! ;-)


P.S.: It's May... maybe the street is finished now!!!

March 19, 2008


Mmmmm... How could anyone hate you!!?!!

I love when you say " Go home, take some pictures, if I have any ideas, or play a little if I don't."

That got to me.... feel the same way.

Thank-you for the encouragement you've always given me.


September 28, 2007


No, this IS my day job, dreamstime (and I don't just review images ;):P)

September 27, 2007


I don't think anybody hates you, I'm intrigued though, do you mean you go to a Dreamstime office and review photo's from 9-5.30, or are you doing it during another day job.

September 12, 2007


Which 2 are you talking to? :P
I though you do photography for fun, Frenk :)

September 11, 2007


Ok, now, listen the two of you! Don't hate an editor. Ever! LOL :D You know why... :P And if you continue to hate me, then I'll complain to Serban! :)

September 11, 2007


I hate Petar too ;-)
Mine: 06:45 AM In belgium stairs, food cats (our own), food and thea for girlfriend and partner in DNF Danielle, car at 07:30 drive 25 minutes to the country Petar now lives in and I was born, work at 8:00 (The time your alarm clock rings and you turn around for another 5. The one advantage I have above you I run an IT department and when everything is good, like today I actually get ime reading blogs and things till 17:00. Back home, starting up pc and notebook and starting to edit photo's upload to stocks, keywording etc etc till 21:00/21:30. Movie displayed by our beamer on our white background. YEAH 2.50 meters wide movieflick on the couch with my love. Off to bed.
So we work from 8:00 till 21:00, beat that. ;-)


September 10, 2007


Thanks Maigi, it;'s really nice of you to tell me that, wow, I never considered I would be regarded like this :)
Actually, Dreamstime I used to wake up at 6.30AM so I know what it's like :)
Well, you know where to find me if you need more advice :)
Oh, and by the way, I did shoot some new images :) It's just the inspiration you need. And usually it's not the images I see that inspire me, it's the people, the nature, the animals, the little things of life.

September 09, 2007


Hey, Ioana, thank you for shedding a light on one of our beloved and hardworking admins daily routines. Waking up at 8 AM!? Well, lucky you. My cellphone starts his singing usually at 6:10, and lately 5:45, so I really think you should consider yourself lucky with your 8:00 ;P I remember when I started wandering around stockphotography sites, it was you, how gave me a most useful advice I have got for stock business, it was to create my own style. I haven't managed totally follow it, I still have a lot to learn, but when I look at most successful DTers portfolios, then one key for their success is definitely that they have their own distinctive style. So, maybe it comes to late, but thank you for your good advice! :) I'm sure it's different now, but when I was newbie I had a feeling that your were reviewing all my images. It doesn't matter is it true or not, but I always felt myself safe and sound when I thought that you were watching my back and don't let online my photographic mistakes (I mean ugly photos), cause I was just starting to discover that huge world called photography. So, I don't think also that you are hated. Sometimes we just admire someone and his/her work, but we don't say it aloud. I really think that people should do it more often in their lives... So, I'm really glad that you are one of great DT team members. Wish you all the best!

September 08, 2007


Hey! It's not _all_ my fault! :P Plus you get to exercise so much more than me! ...let me know when I start being annoying :)

September 07, 2007


I hate YOU!!! :P

September 07, 2007


Ok, now I feel bad about writing on my day... I wake up at about 11AM, then I have to walk 3m (~9ft) to the bathroom, and then climb some stairs till I get to my living room where my desk is. Don't envy me, please! I don't get to see any strangers on the street, smell anything different from my pillow and room... I've gotten to a point where I actually miss the stinky Sofia (Bulgaria's capital - where I come from) public transportation! I hope I get my driving license soon, so I can hit the roads of Holland soon! :) Thanks, Ioana, for revealing to the world that editors are in fact human beings. ;)

September 07, 2007


yeah, add a lot of dust, inhale, exhale, rinse, repeat. Give us rain to clear the dust, and the unfinished street for that matter.
You ain't gonna see office looks around here with this kind of mess, I am feeling an urge to buy rubber boots.

September 07, 2007


Blogs are a much better way to get in touch within the community than the message boards. They're both about text and images so I can't see why the difference. You forgot to mention the dust! arrgh!

September 07, 2007


Yupyyy, at least I have one fan :)
Thank Starblue :)

September 07, 2007


Weel, Ioana, I wish you a lot of energy for all your activities, I wanted just to write you that you are hard with yourself, I have been contacted you and you were so polite. I don't think that you are hated, I think you can have several fans like all members of admins. Dreamstime admins are great :-) Everything the best!

September 07, 2007


Hardly, but I have some in plan for today. Sometimes I am just to tired to think of anything.

September 07, 2007


I won't tell your boss, shh:) Can you really think of taking some photos after seeing so many of them a day ?

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