A day in the editor's life

Morning wake up is at 8 AM for me, too early if you ask me but I have to travel the whole town to get to office so here comes the oh_so_hated ring of my alarm (sound)alarm clock(sound).

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Then I take that five_more_minutes_in_bed time before I finally make up my mind and go to the bathroom; I usual hit the door with my head because I'm too sleepy to keep my eyes open. Ok, there is not picture for that so just imagine it.

After this comes the brush_my_teeth part and wash my face with cold water maybe I can get my eyes to open. I don't use make-up so I'm good to go in 5 minutes.

So, get my clothes on, pick up food for the neighborhood kittens that wait for me in front of my home (they know me by the sound of the plastic bag I bring the food in, don't ask how, they just know it's breakfast time).

Out the door, feed the cats rush to the subway. Now, the subway trip, eleven stations in a crowded train where the air is a luxury ... ok, let's skip this part cause I hate it :)

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It's an underground train, feel the claustrophobia already?

© Kounas ( Help)
At around 9AM I get at work, the street is under construction since may this year, figure it's not finished yet, Goddess knows why because I don't, or maybe the mayor does

Well, I need to actually start working now, copy images, look on the forums, answer e-mails, you know, all those things you hate me for. I don't think I got many fans so I can't run for presidency very soon. However, I try to do my job the best I can.

After the job, which ends at around 17:30PM I do what the usual person does, go home, take some pictures, if I have any ideas, or play a little if I don't, water my bonsais check my sales and write totally not useful blogs.

Ok, this one I did while at the job :) don't tell anyone that I am slacking, especially my boss :)

Well, that's about a day in this editor's life. See, I'm normal :D:)

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May 28, 2009


I like you !!! Well some one has got to lol :-0

May 27, 2008


Lucky you! I must say tha in Italy when they say May we know it will never be... :(

May 27, 2008


street is finally finished. Thanks for your kind words :)

September 12, 2007


Which 2 are you talking to? :P
I though you do photography for fun, Frenk :)

September 07, 2007


I hate YOU!!! :P

September 07, 2007


Yupyyy, at least I have one fan :)
Thank Starblue :)

September 07, 2007


Hardly, but I have some in plan for today. Sometimes I am just to tired to think of anything.

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