A day at Enisala Ruins

Hi DT, I like to travel so last day i put my self in the car and drove to an Ancient fortress . It's located in Dobrogea (Romania). The fortress' three hexagonal tower are the only of this type found in the whole region of Dobruja. There are several competing theories regarding its builders. On one hand, a part of the historians consider that its architecture is reminiscent of the Western manner of planning, and attribute it either to the Genoese.Due to the new political situation and the development of sand spits that hampered trade, the fortress gradually decayed, and was finally abandoned around the end of the 15th century.

P.S : Sorry for my Bad English :D

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February 09, 2017


Thanks a lot . It means a lot too me

February 09, 2017


YOur photo is very beautiful!

February 08, 2017


With welcome . I am glad you enjoy it, maybe i will post more pictures with others fortress

February 08, 2017


Your English is very good!
Very interesting ruins.
Good luck with your photography

February 08, 2017


Your English is good. Thank you for the quick insight into your countries history.

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Photo credits: Axylexu.