And the day has come!

Why not searching for my images’ web usage today? I asked myself and started my journey with TinEye, a very useful tool, although limited… to 100 searches/day. At least I didn’t waste too much time…

Actually it wasn’t a waste of time at all.

I started with ‘the one’ and my only Level 4 image

and wow! found it on

which is a Middle East business news website. And I was soooooo thrilled! You know, the first time… but I wanted more… and searched and searched… until I discovered my second image

waiting for me on a Financial Times blog

Strange feeling… but great!

And the story goes on. I decided to search my Level 2 images as well. My on-line banking image

was used in an article on a entrepreneurial and self-employed business journal established in Forth Wayne, IN, US.

Here is the link

And even if it's about an image of mine I don't like at all, I was pleased to find this crap of picture

on a comparison British website

This wasn’t the last one. I was slightly amused to find another image ironically entitled ‘Thank you’ on a private blog, but this time with Dreamstime watermark on.

Thank you!

I am sure there are some more. And I’m not thinking just about mine. If you are curious, take some time to browse with TinEye or another software for image search. It might be a small accomplishment, but it’s an extra boost of motivation.

... and fun :)

Good luck!

Photo credits: Lucian Milasan.

Your article must be written in English

August 17, 2010


Congratulations! It's great when you find them :)

August 12, 2010


Thanks for the head's up on TinEye. I did a test using one of my commercial photos and wouldn't you know I found an illegal usage almost immediately.


August 12, 2010


Cool! Except for the stolen one.....

August 12, 2010


Thanks guys.
@ Catalin: simply paste your image's URL and if it does not work, upload the image (or thumbnail) you are looking for.

August 11, 2010


Wow! you found a lot of your images! Good for you! Great images by the way.

August 11, 2010


and how u can find an imagine with TinEye?

August 11, 2010


As long as i get paid, which I just got my first paycheck from Dreamstime, I don't really care who uses my images.

August 11, 2010


Thanks for sharing the informations!

August 11, 2010


Indeed, you must be very pleased. Great to find your images used somewhere on the Net.
Last week I found one of mine; it gave me a happy feeling.

August 11, 2010


Congratulations.... Great

August 11, 2010


Thanks to all buyers but I never mind and wonder where my images are being used.

August 11, 2010


Great finding & thanks for reminding to use TinEye :)

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