A day to remember - September 11 memorial

Where were you when it happen?

I still have a very vivid memory of that day. I was off from school that day sleeping late are usual. I was awaken with the news of a plane hitting one of the towers thinking at this time it was just a huge miscalculation by the pilot. I turned on the tv to verify the news and there it was a huge hole, as i kept on watching we all witness it wasn't a mistake. I ran to the top of my building to continue watching from there.

This past wednesday i was lucky enough to get tickets to the memorial and see what they have have done. It was such a surreal feeling knowing what had happen ten years earlier. they have an amazing job remembering the people that lost their lives. If you find yourself in new york, i would highly recommend visiting the September 11 memorial. here are some of the images i was able to load to dreamstime.

Photo credits: Darwin Lopez.

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September 20, 2011


I would like to visit one day the 9-11 Memorial. Thanks for sharing the photos!

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