Dead end

Stairs to nowhere

You know, we have lots of weird architecture in our city. I think I should start collecting them already. That's the first one. Stairs leading to nowhere.

I wonder why would some arcitect plan such a thing? There are no sings of a passage ever was in this wall. No window either. Just a solid white wall and the stairs to it.

Dead end in a dead end. It's a mystery to me why the stairs were built :) Any ideas? ;)

Photo credits: Mildegard.
  • Mildegard
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Oh, I love Narnia series! :)))
I read them all in Russian translation)


The header part that is what looks like what used to be the top of the door looks like the top of a sliding patio door. Maybe it used to be a kind of porch? Or back door?

But I like the fantasy idea better! Have you ever read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (part of The Chronicles of Narnia series)? Where they find a wardrobe that has no back and leads to another world when you walk through it? I love fantasy stories!!!!


So it used to be a door? That explains a lot :)
When my brother and I were kids we liked such strange architecture because it's a huge field for fantasy.
This one could be the Hidden Door which leads to some mystic place etc...
I shoot this one because it reminded me good old time when I played with my brother :)


It looks to me as though there was originally a door there. The reason I say that is because of the two boards near the top of the wall that the stairs are leading to. That looks like the header construction for a door frame.


Yeah the stairs were used by ghosts and they don't need a door to enter!
But they needed stairs! Like CASPER



Interesting... though I doubd the wall became solid from the very beginning. I think, the stairs lead to a door which then was eliminated. That's my idea of it.
Have luck!


interesting image... now it would need something contrasting on the top of stairs, for example a pair of red shoues :-)


Who knows??? Yep now they have a purpose they were just waiting for you.
Good luck Deb


Interesting, I have seen such architecture many times and always thought may be there was some kind of problem and it never got completed. You can derive many conclusions from that.


Hey How are you & the baby first :)
Actually some time ago I have received an e-mail with architecture "ART" like this one! Bridges with no exit, balconies with no doors... etc.
Well all I can say is, they served for nothing but now they serve for photos & e-mails :D