Dear Camera

Dear Camera,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you during these past months.

I have plenty of excuses: the holidays were too busy, my day job has been to stressful, it's too hard to find subjects to shoot...but the truth is, I haven't been feeling that old spark lately.

Call it laziness or lack of inspiration, but I guess I've just needed some space and time to get away from it all. With the stress I've been under at work lately, I haven't been able to muster up the enthusiasm I should have for something I've always loved doing.

But I want to get back to my love for photography, so I'm make a new commitment to you, my camera.

We're going to start spending time more together, and I promise to take you out more. Every weekend I'll be working to build my dreamstime portfolio, and most importantly, I'm going to start enjoying photography again.



Photo credits: Caroline Klapper.

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I think your camera is pleased now)
I'd like to tell my camera the same, but I'm not sure it'll be happy at all. It's -20 outdoors) So we are waiting for some warming)
Good luck and inspiration to both of you!)


Funny post. Has your camera written back to you? LOL.


I think your camera it is happy now and will get you some new photos:)


it's very normal for me too to feel that way - don't worry too much - we're all allowed to get absorbed in other things - i find that when i get back to my camera i'm full of new ideas and the enthusiasm is greater - the great thing about stock (if it's a hobby) is that you can do it in your own time, no pressure from anyone - so what's the rush ?? good luck and enjoy life


I want to forward this message to my camera too! :)


Cute, I am sure your camera will be very pleased :0)


   Macau   hope more of your pics!


That's nice :))
Have you got any answer from your cam? I would like to see ;)


Send me a plane ticket and I'm there! :)


Come to China to travel it, you will be SiRuQuanYong. SiRuQuanYong is means: inspiration will be emerge like fountain:)


That is funny! Have lost of fun with you camera!

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