Dear Customers, for which you use vector images?

How can I use vector images?

Presentations, sites, magazines - this is the first that comes to mind. And where else can use vector drawing? Do not stand!

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© 7a

As you know, the primary vectors in the dignity of the possibility of changing the scale when printing without loss of quality.

This property pleasure to use in the design room.

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© 7a

For example: a good and pleasant pattern will be interesting to see parts of wallpaper, and simply print a number of pictures in the frame. The difference of one magnitude figure would give a sense integrity and will help arrange accents.

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© 7a

Abstract images can be used for ornamentation on clothing (T-shirts, etc.). Round images look good on a plate.

Vector drawings can be the basis for manual creativity: applications, embroidery, painting on wood, silk, etc.

Dear Customers, for which you use vector images? Share, please.

Photo credits: Anna Semenova.

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