Dear Deer, I think these are two of my best

hi folks

Well sometimes it just happens. It would frighten me to add up the hours i have spent sitting in wet, damp, dark, smelly hides and come home with nothing. Then out of nowhere you get this

Roe deer eating grass in green field

There i was driving merrily along the road in the countryside close to home keeping an eye open for anything worth stopping to take a picture of. The odd cow, a few sheep, couple of horses nothing to get excited about then WOW i braked so hard i almost put myself through the windscreen when i spotted this fellow grazing merrily away beside some cows.

Got out the car and started snapping then as if my new friend had been at modelling school lifts his head and looks right down the barrel of the lens like a poseur.

Head and shoulders of roe deer looking at camera

It just goes to show that sometimes the best shots are just sitting there waiting for you and all you have to do is recognise the opportunity

PS i am sure this little deer fluttered its eyelashes and winked at me

happy Snappin


Photo credits: Robert Flynn.

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December 07, 2015


You can't put a value on luck. Not just to have the animal there but the fact it faced you and you got the shot. Could have been a rear view all the time and then you spook it when you try to get a better shot.......know that feeling. Deer are good subjects as they will come incredibly close, even the wild ones. As long as they can see you and you don't cross the safe distance line you can get great shots like this.

December 06, 2015


nice shots!

December 05, 2015


Excellent wildlife shots! It takes a lot of time and patience to capture animals!

December 05, 2015


I know you were thrilled to get these images. I'm happy for you! Congrats!

December 05, 2015


isn't that just the truth pandora, i could have sat in hides for the rest of my life and never got something like that -- pure luck

December 05, 2015


No matter how we prepare, there needs to be that element of luck, serendipity coming our way.

December 04, 2015


Nice work Bob !

December 04, 2015


Opportunities are all around us if we only take a moment to look for them. And I am glad to know I am not the only one who wanders backroads with a camera.

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