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Dear DT staff,

it's a great honor to be part of the "Featured Photographers List": I'd like to thank all of you that in these three years have worked with me in order to offer our clients a large portfolio of great quality at a convenient price. With your tiresome work of selection you taught me the humility to understand my mistakes and improve my skill learning from the errors.

Dear DT contributors,

not always, not quickly: but an honest and serious work often brings you great results. Step by step, every single day try to be a better photographer and a better person: the results will arrive!

Let me share with you some few basic but important tips about the microstock business:

- discover your "special dish" and serve it warm to your clients

- found the best practice for your work-flow and allways follow it.

- buy the best lens you can buy

- buy a full-frame camera

- buy a good monitor and calibration tool

- shoot allways in RAW

- buy a professional noise reduction software

- never stop to learn something new

- never stop to teach/share what you know

- read a lot, speak/write just when you've something important to say

- work, work, work

- be allways optimistic, the crisis is just around you, not in your heart.

Good luck to all.



Photo credits: Roberto Caucino.

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Ciao Donna, I'm really happy to listen you again, and it's nice to know that your portfolio works well at the end. So, I wish you "in bocca al lupo" also to you. Ciao e grazie ancora



Ciao my friend. I have watched you grow and grow, and get bigger,and great to see you as featured photog. This week I reached my first level 3 image in only three months, so im happy and still learniing from you and others. My download % is close to 2 for every image online. just wish I could get more up.
Nice to see you suceed here in Italy!!! In boca lupo


Thanks for your tips, and congrats again on your great portfolio!


Thanks to All folks! DT isn't just a cold marketplace, is like a party with a lot of lovely people...

David: 5DmkII is a great camera, perhaps too much pixel (I'd prefered a 16 mpxl camera and a better noise control), the video capacity produced amazing movie, but is definately not a professional videocamera (af issue and exposition for instance). The dust removal system resolves a big problem of the 5D: the dust spots on the sensor. David, ask to yourself: how many XXXL images you think to sell? I've not a accurate statistic but, quite honestly, I'm not sure it worth the economic effort. Maybe is just an ego satisfaction, something like drive a BMW instead to drive a Ford.

Imagestalk: I'm not on the payroll of Imagenomic, but I've to say that I use Noiseware. Sometimes I used
TopazLab NR, maybe it makes a better job to preserve details in the shadow, but Noiseware produces an incredible smooth sky. Of course you've to work in PS with the masks to achive the best results.

For italian speaking contributors: please visit my web site, you'll found an italian blog about microstock with a lot of interesting post.


true. :)


Congrats on the feature and thanks for sharing your advice. I think I still have to find out what 'special dish' I prefer to serve :) Hope to find out soon... Ciao!


Your work is great,


Some suggested noise reduction software?



I say WOW on the snowboard shots, I love action! Some day maybe I can have the equipment to do them justice.


Thanks for the tips, your photos are evidence as to why you are the current featured photographer, very nice PF.


Congrats again, Robi! Thanks for the tips! Your photos are fabulous!


Congrats for being the featured photographer, you might be having lots of sale due to this. Second thanks for the tips, and best of luck in the futre.


Congratulation! and thanks for the tips.
I better start looking for my "special dish" then..hmm..
Ciao Roberto!


Wow! Love your work, it inspires me to get out there and try new things. Thanks for sharing your tips, it's always great to see people who are willing to help and encourage others. Some days it seems like such a cut-throat world. Congratulations you deserve it :0)


Yes, I have no interest in the video - but would just like the great noise control of the full-frame sensor. So the 5d would be just about the same quality as the 5dmkII?


Thank you for advice that is both good and encouraging for one to always strive to be better. Your portfolio is a pleasure to view, I especially love your photos of the sun. Congratulations on your achievement, it is well deserved.


Hi David, yes one of my cameras is the 5DmkII. If you're not interested in video my advice is for the 5D: I own them both and the image quality is not so different (but the price yes of course!)


Thank you sir. Good advice. What camera do you use? Any chance you use a 5d mark ii?

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