Death Paparazzi

I read abit on The Staits Times today, the national newspaper for Singapore. Its rather disturbing to read about the death of princess Diana and the enquiries that has followed. The causes are still unknown and unsure.

All that is confirmed is the death of a member of a royal family but that seems like of mere secondary importance.

Images after images are reported and used as evidence all in the search for the real answer but that has raised the concern on the issue about morality of photographers.

Should the paparazzi behaved as they had, in such a frantic car chase? Or was it purely the intention of a plot to cause the death as reported?

I mean, what is so great about having some photographs of Princess Diana with someone else, is the value of the photograph so worthy to the photographer that they intrude the privacy of others and endanger the lives of others?

What were they feeling when the car crashed? Were they happy they have photographs which are news-worthy, bringing in huge commissions? It was reported they continued photographing the scene, to a small extent yes they should since its first hand news. Yet on the other hand, if it were me, I would not so eagerly do so like them knowing what they were doing earlier on was such a pain in the neck.

Nobody deserved such an intrusion of privacy, not even celebrities to this extent.

© Rocher

I believe we as photographers should still uphold morality and values. I'm sure most of us are but the paparazzi of those extreme intents have gone too far that lives has been lost because of it. May the justice prevail...

Photo credits: Joanna Zopoth Lipiejko.

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