Death of A Pen

When your favorite pen dies, it is indeed a sad day. First you get a hint with inconsistent ink distribution. With a 'scribble check' you then realize it is indeed wearing thin as the trail turns into just a sad indent on the paper. The final check is to open the pen and check the ink thingy. It is at that moment fears turn into reality.

The other day, my black gel pen scribbled it's last. It's usually easy to recover from such sadness if an identical replacement is handy, but alas, not this time. This pen had been a gift so it was 'one of a kind'.

I never realized until it was gone how valuable it was. I have carpal tunnel and while wrist wraps and cushioned mouse pads help with work on the computer, I feel the strain when I write anything on paper. And I do a lot of writing and drawing.

I soon realized just how much more pressure I needed to apply with a normal pen. That aching, strained sense of motion came back as I frantically tested at least a dozen different kinds of pens, finally settling down with a Pentel ballpoint. But even that bothered me because of the thin fine tip leaving more of a scratchy look than the smooth thick black gel pen I had become so fond of.

This whole incident got me thinking about not just silly sentimental attachments to inanimate objects, but other carpal tunnel users out there who might experience the same problem with strained writing and stress on the wrist.

If you have problems writing with carpal tunnel and/or a workaholic with permanently mouse-induced cupped hand deformation - give gel pens a try.

The one that died on me was a Uniball Signo #207. Hope I can replace it.

Photo credits: Bright, Donna Cuic, Madartists.

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February 23, 2011


One gets attached to some objects and its ease of use.......
Well written.

May 19, 2008


I recommend the carpul tunnel surgery. If you go with the endoscopic method, recovery is quite fast and easy. I was writing again in the same week.

Dual handed carpul tunnel surgery survivor. LOL

April 11, 2008


there are 3 uniball signo #207 STYLES and you can find refills at the uniball site UNIBALL
or at most any office supply store. we use the check fraud version since we have had our identity stolen last year. good luck, they are great pens

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