December 2008, not as we used to.

First days of winter and it doesn’t smell snow at all. It is not typical for us. Life is full of unexplained events. Not that there are no explanations at all. If you dig deep enough, you will find the answer, but anyway, everything looks weird. We have seen a lot already. Good and bad. Is our present worse than the past? We can compare if we search our memorie. We are human, we have our memories. Our memories make us human. We need to have it crystal clear to stay human. What we remember?

Good. We remember good things. Of course we remember sad and bad. But, good things make us happy. What if we choose to be happy and to remember only good things? Shall we cease being human? I guess you know the answer? Does it matter, that we need to remember more sad and bad to remain human? No. We try, without knowing it, to keep our memories in balance. We cherish both.

We need them all. We remember our beloved and time we spent together. We feel sad, when we realize that they will never be with us.

Do we want sad things to happen? No. Do we expect good things to come? Yes, of course! That is our nature. We want good things. We want them more. We want to be happy.

No want sun in summer and snow in winter. We want no war and terror. We did not order for crisis. We want our government care of us. We want them to be human like we are.

Can we count on this today?

What do you think?

Photo credits: Design56.

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Having lived in NY during the 911 attacks, I can assure you that no one could have been prepared. The life changing effects were physical and more than that, emotional. For the first time in my life and everyday since then, I live with the knowledge that there are people out there who would kill me, my children and grandchildren for the simple fact that we are Americans. I am grateful, that to this point, our Government has kept us safe from another attack. War and terror are a part of life now, but, I do have hope that one day, the peace and contentment I once enjoyed will soon return.


You are right, we don't need war and terror and pain.

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