Decision U Made

My love, I know you are such a stubborn person. So am I. From this point of view, we are so alike from bottom of our hearts. You love the freedom of being in winds, and I love the feeling of wind blowing over my face. From this part, we are still so alike.

In order to having the freedom, you stick on leaving me; in order to avoid your and my regrets in future, I stick on draging you and ignoring my own freedom. Shall I set you free and set myself free at the same time?! How may I answer to myself why you let him go in future when you regret but dare not come back to me?!

You are still sufferring but never confess. The way of avoid confessing is to make a decision, which can make you released. At the meantime, you insist this decision is for sure good for me as well.

My dearest man, please not to be so cruel! I never know my love locked both you and me. I never know you are so unresponsible for our love, for our marriage. But after all, I still love you so much so much.

Please please please give both of us a little bit time and ignore your so-called decision and try to give us a little suvival space. I am begging you, my dear, without my stubborn or purpose. Please..................

© Lhj
© Lhj
© Lhj

Photo credits: Huijie Li.

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September 25, 2008



September 20, 2008



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