Deep sales

Every now and then I get surprised by what I call a deep sale. This is an image that is so deep down in your portfolio that you forget about it and it gets a sale out of the blue. I have had a few that sat for over a year before they saw any action

This photo has been inactive for a year and three months then today a sale, a subscription sale sure, but I will not complain this month as it has been very slow for me on the sales front.

I hope as my portfolio grows that I will start to see more of these surprising deep sales.

Good luck to everyone.

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June 27, 2011


Same happens to me... I wish to have more deep sales...

June 27, 2011


Nice macro,well done!

June 27, 2011


Great job! Love those kind of sales! :)

June 27, 2011


Beautiful image!!!

June 27, 2011


Great pic. Congrats! Wish you many more sales...

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Photo credits: Mvogel.