Defining Out of the Box

Since the last 7+ years I am associated with one of the leading advertising agencies of Pakistan and since my start I was listening one common phrase from all my clients (my apologies to all my past and current clients) i.e. we want something ‘OUT OF THE BOX (OFTB)’ and believe me client love to use this phrase even when you are designing a 5ft X 10ft banner.

The most interesting part is when you ask them to please define Out of the Box the replies you get are “do SOMEthing yaar” etc etc and at the end of conversation you are standing at square one still don’t know what is OUT in the artwork which should be in the BOX.

After this conversation when you resubmit the banner design for client’s review your mobile phone will be out of battery coz client will call you back and shout as loud as you hear that this is not that Out of the box which he was referring earlier (all the time I was thinking then y not told me earlier that what is you out of the box), and the story continues….

People who are working in an account management sections of an advertising agency would spent their whole professional life just to seek the definition of Out of the Box.

From this platform I want to request to all the marketing expert of the world like Tom Peters, Philip Kotler, Chris Huges, Brian Clark etc please define OUT OF THE BOX once and for all so that people who are working in account management sections would have a much better life.

Thanking you all marketers in advance.

Photo credits: Winterberg.

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