Delphi - best archaeological destination in Greece

Hi to all! I'm from Romania but for the last 9 years I live in the most beautiful country - Sun Country - the Greece. This country is full of archeological sites. One of this is Delphi. Is located at the foot of Parnassos mount, within the angle formed by the twin rocks of the Paedriades ,lies the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphy the most famous oracle of ancient Greece.

Living in Greece so many years I can not believe that so far I have not visited this place. It's so beautiful , architectonic, historical and so many thinks to see.First we visited the archaeological site where you had to climb endless stairs.Climbing saw the columns , the Appolo temple , the theatre ,the stadium and many interesting thinks.

The Museum is located near the archaeological site of Delphi.

In the museum are statues of Apollo and other statues and ancient things. It so interesting. You need a day to analyze all antiquities.

After village of Delphi is Arahova.The houses are built of stone and wood , narrow stone streets and an incredible mountain view.

If you visit the greece do not forget the Delphi.I'm sure it'll be the most beautiful journey that you did at any time.

Photo credits: Aliona Zbughin.

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Congratulations and good luck!


yes preckas! my place is beautiful!


Aliona, you are right next to Pilio! I am sure you have sooo many things to photograph out there! Hopefully I can finally make the drive out there one of these weekends. :)))


i've never been to Greece, but i know where you're coming from as my last vacation, actually my first in the continent of Africa, was to Tunisia where they had lots of historical sites , and it is indeed a destination to enchant.
then again, i am sure Rumania has its own historic enchantment to dazzle photographers who are intrepid travelers like myself.
in fact, i am interested in getting on one of those vacations that combines archaeogical experiences ie. you actually get to work on archaeological sites as some kind of volunteer. i imagine that would be awesome for stock photography too.
cheers. good article Aliona.


Beautiful place!


Interesting location and nice shots!


you're right, Preckas!


Delphi is a truly amazing location! You can almost feel the vibe of something mystical and magical. Ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the center of the world.


Great blog and photos Aliona!


Nice shots!


What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing. Great photos!


I'm in Volo. Any time if you whant, you welcom here, sakkater


I agree that Delphi is the best archaeological destination in Greece. In Volos live my uncle and I would love to meet you sometime. Congratulations for your photos of my country.


thanks to all!


Great shots! Lucky you that you had this opportunity, hope to visit it one day ;)


Incredible images! Congrats!


Wow... Amazing images, congratulations.

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