The delusion of Xara 3D

But not only its, of course.

I was looking for, and not deny it, a 3D graphics software. I knew xara, because I found a trial version, years ago, in a magazine.

After an analysis of the product, I can say it's not for me, it doesn't import SVG files, it does not export a decent resolution format (I've reached the maximum is 96 dpi).

Yes, excellent effects and everything, but absolutely useless for my purposes. And so the search continues: what software do you recommend me for the 3D? I prefer freeware or open source, but do not tell me Blender: the maximum I have been able to do is to rotate a cube :)

For now, I'll continue with my "classical" images, although I have some new ideas to use ;)

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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@heywoody: Thank You so much! I try to download it ;)


Hexagon is now free from the Daz store also - there is a change in the way the download works so you may need to ask their support for a key or check the forum on the site.


@ digitalvox: ok I'll see on it! I hope to understand better how use it ;)


1.000.000 %

I`m not sure that Dreamstime allowed to promote other sites on forum, so I can not put link here, but just visit the official Blender site and there you will find everything that you need. On my full time job I`m using Adobe After Effects CS 5.5 (also remarkable software) in combination with Blender, but also Blender have NLE video editor so you can even edit video.


@ Cglightning: I think It's not freee for commercial use :(

@digitalvox: I tried to use blender but really without results! Are you sure there's a guide of blender?


There is a free solution for 3D - Blender - fantastic piece of software, really fantastic. I will repeat it again instead of your digression. All 3D software are complex but there is bunch of free tutorials and great communities for Blender. I`m using Blender to create 3d objects for my motion graphics. Once you come familiar you can switch to any 3D software from 3D Max, Maya, Cinema 4D.... Cheers!


Sculptris is free, but you have to register for it.
But i do not know if it is allowed for commercial use.


Thank you all ;)

I saw those software on wikipedia. Unfortunately Sculptris is not freeware, but wings 3d has a particular license (BSD) that is a type of freeware license. I think I'll try to use it (but if I find something in italian it could be "interesting") ;)


Have look at wings 3d for modelling, DAZ and Vue for images. Free versions are available but you would need a purchased licence to use vue commercially.


i use Cinema4D and ZBrush, but both are not freeware ore open source.
But there is a Version from ZBrush called "Sculptris". How i understand (my english...) it is freeware, but i never used it, because i have the big brother. ;o) You can find it here:

Wings 3D is open source i think.
I don`t know how intuitiv it is.

Good luck ;o)


Nice images :-) Sorry I can't help as I have just bought Adobe Illustrator CS5 and a how to guided for beginners, so I'm at the very start. I hope one day to produce quality illustrations.

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