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I was highly intrigued by the idea of blogging. There are so many great photographers on Dreamstime. Also, as a designer you can never vent enough about clients and their work.

I've been a graphic designer for the passed 7 years. I LOVE what I do, I must admit, I am no writer or photographer.

My favorite client story from the passed year, was a client I did a trade show display for. I had a great photo from here at dreamstime, that I comped in. No sense in wasting money on an image I can't use. And they just loved the design. I was just tickled. I purchased the photo and dropped it into my design, and sent of one more pdf for them to review....and what else would they have wanted. She had LOVED!!! the swirly mark on the image.

At first I couldn't figure out what she was talking about, as I had just had a short night of sleep with my youngest child. I kept thinking about it before responding to her email. Indeed, she wanted the watermark back?!?!? Hey, I love the design of the watermark as much as the next designer, but this is a story I had only heard in design school.

In the end, her partner finally talked her out of it.

Photo credits: Victor Burnside.

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October 20, 2007


Hi, that's a funny story and I didn't think about this before.

I usually buy the smallest version of photos for presenting to the clients. Not only the preview versions are too small for clear visuals but also I think it's better to hide the photo source before layout's final approval. However for the brainstorming stage / graphics positioning I worked with the watermarked previews.

Haha, I also like watermark when I'm studying in the design school. At that time, there is not much graphical effects you can do (or think of) in the computers.

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