Designing front covers with emotions - advise and contest entry

Hello everyone new on Dreamstime! I welcome you to the best stock footage site on earth! It is so much fun to work here and I will give out some tips along my journey of here it goes!

There is a contest out on how to convey emotions through photography so I thought I would give out some advise for anyone new to stock footage, and enter this contest at the same time!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and emotions can make you read that picture on impact and any subject that has a face also can show emotions, so I am going outside the box on this and using animals to send the message of emotions.

Remember, your clients are trying to make an article stand out and get attention, so your picture needs to stand out and make the impact to sell a story so be creative and unique and think out side the box always!

Always remember to leave enough room on the picture for the designers to be able to write on the image, or design the picture to be used as a billboard if there is no extra room, like I did here.

If you really start paying attention to your subjects and try to capture kodak moments instead of forced emotion you might shock yourself!

If it was so easy everyone would be a photographer, so I highly recommend if you are serious about stock footage only take people on your shoots with you that are not in a rush to go anywhere for the day, or only take another photographer with you so you can really get into the moment and watch for those kodak moments, eventually they will surface!

It takes alot of patience and time to be a photographer that stands out, so be patient and wait for that right moment for the natural emotions to show.

I will show what 12 hours on a farm portrayed in emotions for stock footage...hope these pictures make you smile and bring out the best emotions in you today and motivate you to think outside the box!

Emotions are beautiful on many subjects and I pick Animals with emotions to showcase emotions in pictures for you today just because I am always outside the boxes! :)

Always on a mission...

Take care!

Project 007

P.S. If you click on the picture you will see the emotions of shyness, and the emotion of love ha ha....

Shy emotions.....this duck let me be so up close and when I was one foot away, instead of running away, the duck just tucked itself away, and acted so shy! Adorable!

Lakeside hotels and resorts with duck ponds

Love on picture to see the entire shot :) These two pigs did not leave each others side for the entire 12 hours, so much in love and full of hilarious emotions!

Fat pot-bellied pigs and agri-tourism for kids

Photo credits: Project007.

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