Destinations I dream of…

Top 10 Places I want to visit, in no particular order:

1.Madagascar The flora and fauna of this large island are fascinating, and fast disappearing.

2.New Zealand The landscape of The Lord of the Rings, green and gorgeous.

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3.Australia Wild kangaroos and big flocks of cockatoos – you can’t see them anywhere else in the world.

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4.Panama Canal Manmade wonder of the world.

5.Trans-Siberian Railway Not really a place, more of a journey across history and culture.

6.The Ice Hotel, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden This destination would also allow me (hopefully) to see the Northern Lights.

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7.Iceland As long as we are on the subject of cold places… the geothermal activity, rugged landscapes, and shaggy ponies intrigue me.

8.Easter Island The moai sculptures left by the Rapanui people are mysterious, strange, and inspiring. What the islanders did to their island should be taken to heart, since we are now in the process of doing the same thing to the whole Earth.

9.Spain & Portugal A wonderful combination of culture and landscapes, along with some great urban architecture.

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10.Alaska This is the only state I have not visited, and its legendary landscape and wildlife are certainly on my list.

Next time, I’ll write about 10 of my favorite places to visit.

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April 16, 2008


A very good list.

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