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I am pretty sure that some of you have experiences about London and UK. Well, London is not a unique, you probably say - everyone can visit it in a weekend, see Big Ben, check St. Paul's Cathedral and take a ride in Millenium Wheel. That's what I tought also, but fortunately I could see some other aspects of London two years ago.

Please, let me give you some tips for City (I skipped popular tips those can be found in any travel books), and found my wish-list below, too. :D

(I know pictures are not really fit for this article, but DT need them :)...)

1. London is not as big as you think. I counted tourist spots before travelling, and...'hmhmm, I would had no enough time' - no, you will have! Famous places are almost in a same area, you can visit House of Lords, Trafalgar square, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, Oxford street etc. in a day! You can hold your cam in your neck and push the button all day, but it worths the time.

2. Feeding squirrels in St. James park is a must!

3. Have you ever heard about London Dungeon? It's a funny and scary place between London Bridge and Waterloo station, where you can meet old London's history and 'famous' killers like Jack the Ripper. A trip takes about 2 hours, and one more in the shop. :) If you order your ticket via their homepage, you can't wait for entrance, and it's also cheaper.

4. London Eye - order your ticket through internet, too, if you can (same adventages like above :)). Go for ride before sunset or late afternoon, London is beautiful at that time (if it's not raining, of course), and number of people is less than morning and noon.

5. Go up to tower of Westminster Cathedral! When I was there, I couldn't find any other tourists, so I think it's not a popular place, but the view is really unique! Only for few pounds you can see a really different perspective of city.

6. Keep your eyes wide open when you walk in streets, there are many-many unnamed, beautiful buildings around you!

7. At the cross of Lambeth road and Westminster bridge, there is a modern building, the St. Thomas hospital. On its -1 floor you can find a cheap, but good restaurant.

8. If you have enough time, take a walk in Docklands, to see modern part of London, Canary Wharf and canals between skyscrapers - then jump up to DLR toward Greenwich. :)

And at the end, let's see my wish-list (as a horticulturist :)):

- London Aquarium

- London Zoo

- Royal Botanical Gardens

- Hampton Court Palace

- Richmond Park with its deers and wilderness...

If you have other tips for London, don't hesitate, share with us!

Photo credits: Aginger.

Your article must be written in English



Thank you, too :)


Wow.. thanks for the info. It will be useful for me if I visit London in August end.


Id love to add the Liverpool Area with million of +/-unknown art&photo galleries ,and the unmissable super yummi Brik Lane area beigel (bagel) at the Beigel Bake, the Portobello Market in Notting Hill ,Camden town and while being at Greenwich station cross the Thames through Greenwich Foot Tunnel (Cutty Sark) to get to the other side on the Island Gardens...Moreover suggested a walk in the Hamstead area...1 of the most curious and beautiful London's areas....



Aginger is correct in that the centre of London is not big, but it is not tiny either. The distance from her No.2 to No.3 above is nearly 5km, a bus ride at least not a casual walk unless urban truding is you thing. London has many places to vist that are tucked away, and not always famous. Tim


Thank you for your tips and advice.


Very interesting blog!!! I would love to visit London someday - partly because I loved Charles Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities and David Copperfield. And Baroness Orczy's "Scarlet Pimpernel" series. :)


Nice pics. Like them.


Great blog and images. :)


Nice blog. It has been useful for me some weeks ago... before I went to London for just 5 days.
I did some pictures, but sure that if I had read this before I'd got some more

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